Our dreams for Sheffield

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

Community leaders have shared their dream for Sheffield to mark a day of remembrance for Martin Luther King.

The civil rights hero – whose I Have A Dream speech in 1963 became iconic – is honoured with a day in his name on January 20 each year.

Top of the wish list were a ‘vibrant’ and ‘fair ‘city.

The Bishop of Sheffield, The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, said: “One of my dreams for Sheffield is that the city becomes the fairest in Britain.

“That was the dream of the Sheffield Fairness Commission a year ago.

“It would be very good to see real progress towards that dream in the next couple of years.

“Another is that Sheffield becomes more and more a city where people take the Christian faith seriously in their lives.”

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Coun Vickie Priestley added: “My dream is just for Sheffield to be even more successful than it already is.

“There are lots of fantastic projects happening and I know that next year in the Botanical Gardens there is going to be a mini Harrogate Flower Show, which will bring even more people to the city.”

Richard Eyre, the head of city centre management at Sheffield Council, added: “My vision for the city centre is for it to be competing with Nottingham, Manchester and Birmingham to be one of the best city centres for events and entertainment so that it is really vibrant with lots of people living in it.

“I think that is key, getting even more people to live and work in the city centre so that it is like a real village inside the city, a community with a really strong retail offer, where people want to work, live and visit.”

What you’ve been saying online:

Rachael Pickin

“I remember my grandad, as it would’ve been his birthday.”

Garet Land

“An end to Tory rule.”

Peter Frith

“I forgot all about it until I read this, and now that I have, still won’t bother with it - “It’s just another day to me.”

Joanna Dobson

“An end to food poverty. Everyone in the city with access to fresh, affordable, locally produced food. No foodbanks needed.”

I’ve just got to get one big op out of the way first then hope all is well, that’s my dream.”

Gala Tent

“World peace and free cake.”

Nell Shallow

“Fair wages and enough good, healthy food for everyone.”

John Putland

“To be able to do a good day’s work and to actually be able to have a bit left to enjoy life instead of not even managing to pay to live.”

Brenda Morley

“My dream is to be okay in 2014 and be free once more of cancer would be my dream so I can see my grandchildren grow up and be at their weddings, be there when my first great-grandchild is born and to just be able to live a full life.