Owls fans column: Pudil's settled, let's hope he can stay in Sheffield

Footballers sometimes have to be everything to everyone; he must be an entertainer, grafter, winner, asset and commodity. What about adding husband and father to that list too?

Thursday, 18th February 2016, 22:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th February 2016, 22:20 pm
Carlos Carvalhal and Daniel Pudil

It’s heartening to see that Daniel Pudil’s potential permanent transfer to Sheffield Wednesday is not just purely about his career but also taking into account the happiness of his family.

The Watford loanee told The Star “I don’t want to move anywhere else. I have settled down with my family here.”

With one child now in school and a four-month-old baby, Pudil has made it clear that he and his wife are happy in Sheffield and would “really like to stay here.”

I can completely sympathise with trying to find an area in which to settle down with your family, that both fits your lifestyle and work and where you don’t have to live within the confines of the school to be able to send your child there.

The major difference is my work won’t sell me to another company 200 miles away to make money out of me.

It can’t be easy for a footballer when they have found a place they like and their family have some level of normality and routine, only to be told it probably won’t be a permanent place to settle.

It’s not unheard of for players to leave their family behind for a good portion of the season with limited time with their kids.

Some might say that footballers are recompensed quite handsomely for such inconveniences but surely a happy settled player is better for all concerned.

Daniel Pudil has been an entertainer, grafter and a winner with The Owls this season and it would be good to welcome him and his nearest and dearest to the Sheffield Wednesday family permanently.