Owls mascot winged by fan

SHEFFIELD Wednesday mascot Ozzie Owl had to make a flying visit to hospital after getting a clip around the ear at Saturday’s game with Hartlepool.

Fans saw the 6ft-plus pot-bellied owl appear to be felled by a fan during half-time.

The mascot – whose identity is a closely kept secret – then made his way shakily across the pitch before heading out of the ground towards an ambulance.

The club says he was taken to the Northern General Hospital and given the all-clear – and will be back for the next home match.

A spokesman said: “It was a complete accident. As usual Ozzie had been frolicking at the side of the pitch and was messing about with fans in the stand.

“As he turned he was accidentally caught a blow around the head and as he tried to climb over the perimeter back on to the pitch he lost his balance and fell over.”