Owls: Shocked fans Twitter about Megson’s departure

Owls: Sheffield Wednesday news, reports and more with The Star.
Owls: Sheffield Wednesday news, reports and more with The Star.

FOOTBALL fans have been going Twitter crazy with comments about Gary Megson getting the axe at Sheffield Wednesday.

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Here’s what supporters have been tweeting:

Connor Smythe: So..Gary Megson takes us from mid-table to top of league 1,sure the football isnt great,were in league 1, getting out is the priority! #swfc

Adrian Smith: @calveyj with the BREAKING NEWS #MEGSONOUT!! “Megson SACKED!!!! Dave Jones/Mick McCarthy joint favs for the job. I want McCarthy” #SheffWed

Stephen Nicholson: 3rd in league, just beaten closest rivals!! For that... You get the sack, wot is goin on in lge 2 atm, clark nw megson #bewildered

samuel varley: @lewis_unwin @MadTev I hate football does my nut in! Things that happen is ridic lee clark for hudders now megson for us

Joel Barber: As if Gary Megson has been sacked. #disgrace

Dan Stead: @Jamievodden Megson gone! Not surprised based on what I read the other day and Milan’s previous. Who do you fancy to replace him?

Scott Anson: @Kelly_O_Donnell I’m gutted for Megson. He had blue and White blood and really cared. I just hope Mandaric knows what he’s doing. X

Tim Crowley: @jonsarno Megson gone? Whats all that about?

Connor McMain: Batth, Lowe, madine, semedo, lines, jonesx2, Marshall, Antonio, prutton, llera, bywater! All good signings, by Megson @footballheaven #swfc

Tummy: @TomDaveChubs Confusing decision given his win % at the club. Style of football aside Megson was doing well. Not impressed by other names.

Ashanti Allen: Who’s megson? All I know is he’s got something to do with football


Steve Craine: @neilhinder it will be, he has a good CV to be fair. No better than megson tho!

Neil Holroyd: Think MM needs a course on how to sack managers. Alan Irvine went after getting the transfer window, & Megson goes after beating the pigs!!

Ashley lloyd: seriously why MM why??? why get rid of Megson so close to the end of the season, stupid mistake #SWFC

Kris Holmes: Megson leaves @swfc ?? why? this is the most critical part of the season. #swfc

Conor Quinn: Sacking Megson is just stupid tbh #notgonnagoupnow #smallclubsyndrome

Will Caruana: Gary Megson been sacked, dont feel any sympathy, hope he never gets another job #karma

Brad Marshall: So angry about the Megson sacking. Awful decision. #swfc

Daniel Birchall: Sheff Wed sacking Megson - Cant believe i was even thinking about maybe seeing one of their matches... possibly #TrueFan

Mollie Stone: Aww man, I’m well annoyed that Wednesday have sacked Megson!

weareleeds: i really hope that sheffield wednesday don’t get promotion this season,the sacking of gary megson is a joke #laughable

Chris Darley: Can’t believe Megson got the sack after the win against United at the weekend

kissoffboardy: Loving the fact that the first tweet I saw about Megson’s sacking was from Super @JohnMcGinlay10 gloating. Still a #bwfc legend!

Craig Graham: Mandaric is clearly gettin his own back for Megson walking out on Leicester after 6 weeks #swfc

Benjamin Wier: Maybe a few drunken Gary Megson related tweets tonight...

Lauren Barrett: if united had beaten wednesday all wednesday fans would be like “Megson out” anyway? He won so now he’s like god or something. still lolling

Craig D: Grayson, Clark and Megson sacked, yet AVB is still employed. Logic really has gone out of football.

Christopher Bell: #swfc MM didnt feel Megson was the right manager to get us out of this league, so make the change now and give us a chance in the POs.

lewis: Gary megson Sheffield Wednesday boss Beats Sheffield Utd and gets sacked What’s going on in football Gutless

Lee’The Viper’Ellis: #swfc don’t know what milan is playing at, we just beat the neighbours then 3 days later he sacks Megson, better have a good manager in mind

marcus barr: Why would you sack gary megson? Don’t make sense

Tom Lawlor: Further proof that football has gone mad, Megson sacked! 3rd in the league, 5 points off second, well in the race for promotion. #baffled

Jack Maleham: Bye bye Mr Megson! Megson, Clark, whos next Karl Robinson at MK Dons?

Tom Davis: Gary Megson sacked?! Ridiculous decision surely! Your view @tummy_owl mate?

Callum Hodges: Megson’s been sacked. @swfc’s season = over.

Paul Walker: Shocked by Megson sacking. Clearly not about football.

Steve Chu: @SimonDHope Bit of both I think. Mandaric has form for being trigger happy. Megson not one to shirk a row. Biggest surprise is the timing

Chris Dawkes: @Billywhizz_74 strange one. There must have been a breakdown in the relationship between Megson and Mandaric

Lord Hillsborough: Oh No!!! This could get expensive! @wednesdayite please don’t tell @OwlHulk about Megson His repair bills are high enough

David Todd: Telegraph printed at 7pm saying: megson safe...for now. Still can’t get my head around it