Paul Stanton success in Sheffield Star angling match

Clear blue skies, soaring temperatures and barely a breath of wind suggested the chances of getting sunburned were infinitely more likely than net bursting catching so 13 magnificent weights over 50lbs in such testing conditions reflect the abundant talents of those on local club match scene.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 4:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 4:46 pm

Hayfield’s carp spent most of the day cruising in plain sight just below the surface showing little interest in feeding so pellet waggler and pole fishing shallow proved decisive on a day when every single bite mattered.

Paul Stanton, a veteran of umpteen ‘Green Un’ matches kept his cool under pressure taking 80lbs 10oz to win but his margin of victory over runner-up Les Jones was a mere 17 ounces and third placed Richard Wardle was equally hard on his heels.

Plenty of competitors will still be reflecting on the odd missed bite or lost fish because the margin between qualifying for the final and missing out was no more than a single fish in plenty of sections. It really was that tight.

The triumphant 20 will now go forward to the final at KJS Aston Fisheries’ Snake Lake on Sunday 3rd June where £2,000 worth of Daiwa sponsored tackle vouchers, plus pools will be up for grabs and the chance to be crowned our Club Match Angler Champion. A special thank you is due to Geoff and Pauline Hurt for their hard work in organising and running the semi final and also a thank you to Hayfield Fisheries for hosting us.

Individual Result: 1. Paul Stanton 80-10; 2. Les Jones 79-9; 3. Richard Wardle 78-2; 4. Craig Parsisson 73-6; 5. Greg Proffitt 70-15; 6. Lee Nemeth 67-8. Section winners going through to the final: Steve Caddick, Kevin Parkes, Dave Elliott; Pete Spooner (unable to attend final so second placed Paul Butler qualifies by default), Andy Mack, Simon Grayson, Les Jones, Craig Parsissons, Roy Butterfield, Andy Beighton, Alan Sargeson (unable to attend final so second placed Tony North qualifies by default), Billy Richardson, Craig Rushling, Paul Stanton, Tom Newsome, Ricky Hadfield, Greg Proffitt, Alfred Head, Keith Walters, Richard Wardle.