Pause for Thought: An open and shut case

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Solstice, Santa, surfeit and the sanctifications of, and as such I would be remiss if I were to diss in derisive hiss, the Winter Solstice (though not the surfeit and the Santas).

This year’s winter solstice on the 21st has already happened. You may have missed it.

Perhaps there was a little less flaneury going on around town that day when the sun hovers for a moment on the tilt of the earth and then begins to give us a few more minutes light each day until June 21st.

I say less flaneury because maybe some flaneur-euses spent the night out in the Peaks waiting to watch the sunrise at Nine Ladies stone circle, or at one of the other lesser-known prehistoric stone circle sites in the Peak district. I was not one of them. I was elsewhere thinking about Christmas cafes.

Let’s face it. We accept that pubs will open on Christmas Day and it can be the most jolly part of Christmas for some, but cafes open at Christmas? That has an almost unacceptable sound to it. Those poor cafe workers having to work on Christmas Day.

So are there any cafes open in Sheffield on ‘the day’ of merry and ho ho and presence ’neath the tree (of a drunken uncle or aunt or two) etc?

I can think of one already, a walk-in-the-park walkers’ cafe in Sheffield that is traditionally open on December 25th. Can you guess?

And thinking of this reminds me of how Christmas Day is special for those of the flaneur persuasion who are not addicted to sitting around in cafes. I’m talking about the flask-toting flaneurs!

Christmas Day is when flasking Flaneurs really come into their own for it is a walkabout day for almost everyone and there are barely any cafes open.

But, the real treat of it, is, that there are few motor vehicles on the roads. Less fumes and so less I fume.

Christmas thus is the most civilised and environmentally- friendly day of the year. I wish every day was Christmas!

Oh yes, the cafe is Forge Dam Cafe, a 40-minute walk along from Endcliffe Park.