‘Peaceful’ education protest

UNIVERSITY of Sheffield student leaders say they are planning a peaceful protest against controversial higher education changes when the Liberal Democrat conference comes to the city next week.

The students’ union is planning a ‘Welcome to Sheffield’ party for delegates to the conference at the City Hall on March 11 and 12.

Officers have requested meetings with all Lib Dem MPs to discuss the higher education policy that led to riots in London last autumn. Students who study at Sheffield University but who live in constituencies with a Lib Dem MP have also requested to meet with their MPs.

Union president Joshua Forstenzer said: “Following the decision to increase tuition fees at the end of 2010, we are now deeply concerned about the upcoming Higher Education White Paper, which will outline how much universities will be allowed to charge as well as what support packages will be offered to students from low income families. Officers will be writing to all conference delegates asking them to keep their promises this time and to put pressure on Liberal Democrat leaders to ensure the White Paper is as fair as it can possibly be.”