A takeaway, or a week of food for a Sheffield needy family?

It is 2021, and people should not be relying on food banks to eat in our developed country.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 12:00 am
Updated Friday, 2nd April 2021, 3:56 pm
The Sheffield Telegraph is backing a campaign to help S6 Foodbank deliver one million meals over the next year. Picture Scott Merrylees

But the shocking truth is that they are.

And it is affecting more people than ever before due to the past year of Covid-19 restrictions and the impact they have had.

Food bank collection points have now been set up at the Royal Hallamshire and Northern General Hospitals, and a report on the subject has called for action, saying the city was on a ‘cliff edge.’

Data collected by Voluntary Action Sheffield from 19 food banks between April 13 and June 8 last year showed the number of households using the banks increased by more than 92 percent, from 1,144 to 2,202, during that time.

The S6 food bank, which has now expanded to cover the whole of Sheffield and is the biggest in the city, was serving around 150 people and now helps more than 1,200 people every week with food and essentials.

It is a massive task, and as you can read on page six, the scale of the operation is staggering.

Thousands of toilet rolls and fruit juices last only a few days when needed by so many.

Today the food bank has launched a new campaign, backed by the Sheffield Telegraph, to fund one million meals, and raise £150,000 in the next year.

Having consistent funding would mean they can bulk buy, plan more, and ultimately feed more people more efficiently.

We will follow this campaign through the year and I hope readers will get involved.

Takeaway night has been the highlight of our week during the last year lockdown but from now on we’ll be having one less a month, and donating the money to providing a week’s worth of food to the S6 food bank instead. To help, read our story on page six, and if you can, you can also donate to the cause at www.justgiving.com/campaign/ForAllSheffield.