BREAKING: Alan Billings re-elected as Crime Commissioner - and Broomhill neighbourhood plan approved

Dr Alan Billings has been re-elected as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner for the third time today, May 10, and the BBEST area has approved a groundbreaking neighbourhood plan with a stonking majority in favour.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 1:59 pm
Dr Alan Billings - re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

Dr Alan Billings has been re-elected in South Yorkshire for the third time, with a majority of 54 per cent of the vote.

Dr Billings stood against David Chinchen for the Conservatives and Joe Otten for the Liberal Democrats, and got 165, 442 first preference votes, Mr Chinchen 98,851, and Mr Oten 42, 462.

Those living in Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield and Tapton also voted in favour of the neighbourhood plan.

The plan will now give residents more power when planning priorities for their area, such as developing green spaces, identifying locations for new homes, and influencing plans for infrastructure and retail.

2,543 voted for yes, and 224 voted for no, meaning it was won with a victory of 91.9 per cent.