Coldest night in Sheffield’s winter marked last month

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Kinder Downfall is the only mountain in the Derbyshire Peak District- F Stop Press. Tel: +44 (0)1335 418629 +44(0)7765 242650

A freezing night in February marked the coldest point of the winter in Sheffield so far, new figures have shown.

Data from the Museums Sheffield Weston Park Weather Station revealed that on February 6, temperatures went down to -1.6°C.

It was the lowest recorded on the station’s thermometer this 2014-15 winter.

However it was a long way from being a record breaker – the coldest February temperature on record in Sheffield is -14. 6°C, recorded in 1895.

The figures were revealed yesterday, as snow flurries fell across the city despite the official end of winter with the start of March.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences at Museums Sheffield, said: “Officially winter ends at the end of February, so we are now in a snowy spring.

“On Friday, February 6, the maximum temperature was 4.1°C, while the minimum was -1.6°C, so there was quite a bit of fluctuation.

“The record goes back to 1895 – in those days we used to record how the fountain in Weston Park had frozen.

“However, we haven’t got down to those kind of temperatures for a good period of time now.

“Snow days in March and April are not that uncommon, so who knows what will happen.”

Mr McLean said rainfall and temperatures in February this year were about average.

Both January and February’s average temperature in Sheffield this year was 4.4°C, while the usual average for February is 4.1°C.

Mr McLean said it was the sunniest February since 2008, with 80.8 hours of sunshine recorded.

In 2008, 121.2 hours of sunshine were recorded , against a February average of 57 hours.

The Met Office had issued a weather warning of wintry showers over last night and into this morning.

Snow was expected to fall on higher ground and ice is likely to be ‘an additional hazard.’

Motorists have been advised of ‘tricky travel conditions’ and transport disrupton.

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