Doncaster woman joins hundreds of women in Parliament blockade

A woman from Doncaster was among hundreds of women who staged a blockade of Parliament and forced a road to be closed in a pension protest.

Scores of protesters blocked the road outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday as part of a protest against changes to their pensions.

Parliament was blockaded in the protest.

Parliament was blockaded in the protest.

The protest aimed to draw attention to the women affected by the rise of the state pension age, from 60 to 66.

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Police were forced to close a section of Parliament Street after traffic was brought to a standstill by protesters sitting in the road.

The protest was organised by Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign (WASPI), BackTo60, We Paid In You Pay Out, Grey Swans and Pension Reformers.

Some 3.9 million women have been affected by the changes, with some having to wait for up to six years more to receive their pension.

Carol Emmerson, from Doncaster, said the changes have left her with a £34 weekly allowance after she had to leave her job due to ill health.

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She said her daughter had to pay for her to travel to London for the protest.

The 63-year-old said: “I’m coming here to fight for all my friends who can’t be here, who are working and can’t get time off to come.

“We just want them to listen and stop ignoring us.”

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Mrs Emmerson said: “There are still women out there who don’t know this is happening, they’re preparing to retire at 62, they’ve got four more years and they don’t even know it yet.”