Ebony needs to live an independent, outdoor lifestyle

Sleek and beautiful Ebony
Sleek and beautiful Ebony

Despite being found living rough and under the weather, Ebony is a beautiful and sleek female cat who is now looking for a new owner.

Aged two years and seven months, Ebony stayed with the vet for a few days before being taken in by the RSPCA in Sheffield for treatment which put her on the full road to recovery.

A spokesman for the animal charity explained: “We believe Ebony lived as part of a feral colony and found that despite giving her lots of space and socialisation, she is not happy in a confined environment and is not a fan of human interaction at all.

“So she’s looking for a home where she can live an independent, outdoor lifestyle but with the guardianship and support of a caring human who can watch over her, makes sure she has shelter and treatment if she needs it and ensure she is well fed.

“She is currently staying in a foster home where she has plenty of room and support but we really would love for this girl to be able to start living her life again really soon.”

They continued: “She’d be ideally suited to a farm, small holding or rural situation where she can keep busy, doing a job whilst enjoying her new life.

“Ebony will need somewhere she can stay safely indoors for a few weeks whilst she adjusts to her new home before being let outside and she will need access to her own place where she can have warm, dry shelter when needed. Our girl really doesn’t want much from life, just the freedom to live her life, decent grub and someone to watch out for her and be there if she needs them. Could that be you?”

Anyone that thinks they could be the person that Ebony needs should phone 0114 289 8050.