Giving Sheffield brain cause a real Head Start with inspirational run

The words “brain surgery” are enough to strike fear into anybody’s heart.

Saturday, 11th May 2019, 09:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 12:12 pm
Scenes from the Neurocare head start last year

The thought of going through such a procedure is terrifying – never mind the potential after effects.

And that’s why the Head Start run at Rother Valley Country Park this Sunday is such an inspirational event for Sheffield.

Running a 5k or 10k is admirable in itself, but for some of those taking part, it is a miracle. A shining example of dedication in the face of adversity,

Most of those on the start line this Sunday May 19 will have personally gone through medical trauma, be that brain tumours, head injuries, stroke, haemorrhage or any number of other conditions – or they will have witnessed their loved ones going through it.

Some will complete the course for city charity Neurocare in wheelchairs, or on crutches, step by slow step, absolutely determined to reach the end.

Others are lucky enough to be able to run it thanks to the incredible, life-saving skills, of Sheffield’s neurosurgeons and other medical staff.

Their talents are so great that in some cases, it is impossible to tell they have had drastic surgery, unless the patient tells you.

I am one of those fortunate cases – seven years after emergency brain surgery to remove a life-threatening brain tumour at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, it’s as though it never happened.

Despite this, brain injuries and diseases are far more common than many expect. You only have to talk about it to realise just how many people are affected.

Neurocare is only a small Sheffield charity but the work it does to improve the lives of people touched by brain conditions is vital, and Head Start is a key fundraiser.

The charity has funded world class facilities and pioneering research which gives people from across the country new hope, right here in Sheffield. That’s well worth cheering on in my book.

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Entries close at midnight tonight, Wednesday May 14.