Historic Sheffield pub at risk of demolition again after developers lodge appeal

A historic Sheffield pub is at risk of being knocked down for houses again despite being spared last year.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 3:49 pm
The Plough Inn, in Crosspool, is rumoured to be where the rules of modern football were devised. It was saved from demolition by councillors in 2020.

Last August, The Plough Inn in Crosspool received a stay of execution when a developer’s plan to bulldoze it for homes was rejected.

The city council’s planning board voted against the proposal – despite the recommendation of its planning officers’ report – in respect of the pub’s historic ties to Hallam FC and beliefs that football’s ‘Sheffield Rules’ were partly drawn up under its roof.

Now, the Inn is under threat once again after planning firm Spacepad Construction Ltd last week lodged an appeal against the decision.

A basis for the appeal has not yet been uploaded to SCC’s planning page.

The appeal has been met with concern by the ‘Save The Plough’ community campaign, which last year led efforts to stop the development.

Chair Peter Duff said: “Our argument remains that this is a community asset first and the group will be getting to grips with the appeals process.

"It’s a lovely historical building and why anyone would want to raze it to the ground is beyond me.

The Plough Inn called last orders in 2015 but in 2017 the 19th century building was designated a ‘community asset’ by the council.

The pub has historic ties to Hallam FC – the world’s second oldest football club – and it is believed the game’s modern ‘Sheffield Rules’ were partly drafted on its premises.

In the year since Spacepad’s proposal was rejected, the Plough’s leasehold was listed by consultants Crosthwaite Commercial to be reopened as a pub for £50,000 a year in rent.

Peter said: “£50,000 a year is way above the rent for comparable pubs, especially when you throw into the mix how it needs significant work to bring it up to working again.

"I think they set it that high so when they appealed they could say ‘well no one offered to rent it in the past year’.

“Knocking down The Plough Inn would mean losing a lovely building with a connection to Sheffield’s heritage. It would be another lost opportunity to promote the city as the home of football.”

No date has been set yet for when the appeal will be decided.