"I just can't stand it": man furious at litter in Sheffield plans to leave the city next year

A Sheffield man says he is planning to move away from the city after 15 years because the litter problem around his area is so serious he feels like he is living ‘in a dump.’

Monday, 12th July 2021, 6:00 am
Shaun is sick of cycling past litter on his way to work.

Shaun, aged 55 and of Wincobank, is planning to move to Blackpool early next year to get away from the litter problem that he encounters on his daily commute.

He said: “I can’t live here anymore. It just does my head in.

“If you live on the wrong side of Sheffield you are just forgotten about.

Litter covers a bench in Spital Hill.

“In Upwell Street there’s bins with rats climbing over them.

“In the parks you see the rubbish under the trees. It’s years of neglect.

"I have to see the built up grime that’s been left there for years.”

Shaun emailed Coun Terry Fox, leader of Sheffield Council, to complain about littering, but feels like the council don’t care enough.

Shaun complained that bins were rarely emptied by the council.

Shaun added: “I had a short response to my first email – a couple of lines. The council just treat you with contempt.

“It makes my blood boil. I am constantly fighting a battle with Sheffield council to clean the streets.

“When cycling to work I go through Grimethorpe and Upwell Street, all I see is masses of rubbish.

“If they clean the area people will respect it more.

Litter in Spital Hill. Shaun said that the council didn't care about litter.

“People don’t care about Sheffield being nominated for City of the Year, they care about money being spent on decent infrastructure and making sure the main thoroughfares of Sheffield are actually clean.”

Shaun thinks that judges of the City of the Year award, for which Sheffield was shortlisted last week, should be shown a true picture of the city when they make their decision.

He said: "They will probably show the judges one side of Sheffield. If I could find the judges I would tell them where to look.

"I’m lucky because in Wincobank a local group cleans up litter every two weeks.

The litter problem has gotten so bad that Shaun plans to leave Sheffield next year.

"Everyone deserves to live in a clean area.

“You’d think you were going back to the 1970s in England when there were rubbish collection strikes.

“I’m going to write to my local MP next and I’ll start to take it higher.

"To me it is unfair and I’m going to do something about it.”

Coun Terry Fox said: “I am aware of that email and obviously will be getting officers to reply to the sender so that we can assure him that we are taking concerns seriously.

"I have noted his comments and when officers get back to the individual will be able to see what actions are being taken.”

Shaun emailed council leader Terry Fox to complain about the litter problem. Picture: Chris Etchells