"I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else" - what residents think as Sheffield shortlisted for new "City of the Year" award

Sheffield could be hailed as the City of the Year after been shortlisted for a major award – alongside Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and Newcastle.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 6:00 am
A millstone is surrounded by heather on Surprise View above Hathersage.

The city is now in the final running in the annual EG awards, run by experts specialising in data, intelligence and development in the commercial real estate sector, following a joint entry by Sheffield Council and the Sheffield Property Association.

We asked Sheffielders what they thought.

Stephen Wood, age 73, lives in Norton and he believes the people are the best thing about the city.

Stephen Wood, "wouldn't like to live anywhere else."

He said: “People are number one. I’ve travelled such a lot around the world and everyone I have met, they remember Sheffield and say it’s lovely.

"It’s quite a place to live. We have got quite an ethnic mix and don’t seem to have the same tension as other places.

“It’s not just climbing in Derbyshire. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

Emma Matthews, aged 32, was also positive.

Emma Matthews believes that "the people make the city."

She moved from North Linconshire to Sheffield ten years ago.

Emma said: “It is up against some really good cities but Sheffield does deserve to win. It’s a wonderful place with a great independent scene.

“It’s often overlooked by bigger cities around it

“It takes a little bit of time and effort to appreciate Sheffield and crack beneath the surface and love it

“It’s not great everywhere compared to a lot of British cities, but the people make the city.

Emma was hopeful that Sheffield would win the City of the Year award when a decision is made in October, but is wary of the consequences.

She added: “If it does win, I hope the attention doesn’t lead to gentrification. I’ve just come back from London and you can really see the effects of gentrification there.”

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But Trevor Ginniver, who lives in Ecclesall, thinks that Sheffield should not have even been shortlisted and blames the council for the city’s woes.

He said: “Sheffield can’t be called a great city.

“The council is to blame for it, they are a set of useless so and sos. The council missed a clause in the contract that would have stopped John Lewis pulling out of their lease.

“We are 20 years behind Leeds. The council should be more forward looking.

“A lot of businesses are really struggling and a lot of small businesses are out of work.

"Ecclesall is about the only decent place to go in Sheffield.

“I don’t think it should win.”

The new award seeks to celebrate the UK’s cities and the work they are doing to create liveable, successful places.

Louise Everitt, aged 59, bow lives outside of the city centre.

She said: “I like where I live, but I hate the city centre.

"I find it intimidating, with drug users, drunks and people hassling you for money.

“Accessibility is terrible, and parking is expensive.

“Outside the city centre it has got some good things happening.

“Outlying areas have good places to live and more independent shops.

“I’ve never felt intimidated in Belfast and the people there were incredibly friendly.”

The EG awards winners will be announced in October.