Letter: 'A cynic would say that nods to social responsibility have given way to commercial interests'

This letter was written by Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of Sheffield Lib Dem’s

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 4:53 pm
Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed.

Just as more people are coming to terms with the need to conserve our resources and recycle more, Waitrose decides the recycling facility it hosts has to go.

It’s unfortunate that this coincides with the construction work being carried out in the car parking area and the general upset with the proposal to close the John Lewis, or Cole Brothers store and create a ‘click and collect’ service at the Waitrose site. A cynic would say that nods to social responsibility have given way to commercial interests.This is not to say that places hosting recycling containers face real problems with people misusing and abusing the facilities and this can cause significant expense to the site operators. However other sites have found ways of managing these problems and it is not clear from the article how many of these have been explored.The three obvious options available to Waitrose, are closing the facility, which it has gone for, installing CCTV which would be costly and could not adequately monitor usage and misuse or provide an additional container for non-recyclable waste. This last option could at least help control the problems at least cost to Veolia and to Waitrose. And allow those who want to carry on recycling responsibly.There are other possibilities which Lib Dem councillors would be happy to explore with the managers of the site. We have argued for better recycling facilities throughout Sheffield but also have some understanding of the obstacles that prevent people doing this properly. That’s a challenge to the managers of Waitrose and to us.

Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed.