Letter: Great news that Chubby Brown has finally been axed from performing his show

This letter was written by Jim Steinke from Sheffield 7.

Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 12:52 pm

It is great news that Chubby Brown has finally been axed from performing his show at a publicly funded venue in Sheffield.

There has been a long campaign to stop him having a public platform, which is what the City Hall is, by a wide range of people who simply think that his brand of racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour has no place in a diverse city like Sheffield. As Terry Fox, as leader of the Council has said, Sheffield is a City of Sanctuary, and we need to reflect that in how our public buildings are used.It is sad that in the same week that Sheffield will be getting ready to welcome a number of Afghan refugees, that so much attention has been given to someone, who has made a career out of spouting hate against refugees and others. There has been a fantastic public response from Sheffield people wanting to support them, and for me that represents the spirit of Sheffield, not the right to spread hate by someone in a publicly funded building.Rather perhaps it would be good to have a performance, on the night he was due to appear, by the amazing range of talented musicians, comics and performers, who have made their lives in Sheffield from abroad, whether as refugees or migrants. That would be real talent, not cheap hate.

Roy ‘Chubby Brown’.