Letter: How about having an end-of-season "friendly" between the Owls and Blades?

This letter was written by Peter Stubbs from Sheffield 17.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 12:33 pm
Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday taken by Steve Ellis.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before spectators are allowed back into football grounds again, albeit perhaps in limited numbers.

That being the case, after such a disastrous season for both the Owls and the Blades how about having an end-of-season "friendly" between the two of them, ideally over two legs, to determine which of them really is the lowest of the low? Nothing for the winner, but the unenviable wooden spoon for the loser!

If this could be arranged before the current players' contracts expire (and whilst Wednesday still have the semblance of a team!) it would be an opportunity for the fans to say farewell to those who end up leaving and provide a bit of much needed light relief all round - indeed I can envisage the whole thing taking on a pantomime atmosphere (not unlike most of the performances this season) with heroes being cheered, villains booed and shouts of "He's behind you - Oh no he's not!" ringing around the ground.

It would also provide a bit of much needed revenue for the clubs. For once, a win-win situation!.