Letter: I object strongly to contributing to the un-necessarily high salaries of some Council staff

My council tax monthly payment just went over £200 this month. I don't begrudge a penny of it that pays for frontline services and staff.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 1:37 pm

I do object strongly to it contributing to the un-necessarily high salaries of a small group of Sheffield Council employees(Town Hall rich list April 8th)

Who sets these salaries? Who thinks that a city like Sheffield with huge inequalities needs to pay people to do these jobs at 8 times the average salary of a Sheffield worker? Could the person/group who sets these salaries please justify the excess? I note that Sheffield Council were approached for comment - did they offer a comment?

Many Sheffield council tax payers who fund these ridiculous salaries have this year been made redundant, furloughed or been on reduced hours. There is no justification for these people on the council to be paid over £170,000 for a Director of Resource or Place. Try removing these posts and I imagine you would save money and get a better service to the people of Sheffield.

So Sheffield Council. reduce these salaries by 50%. Put the money into frontline services and show that you listen and care about the people of Sheffield.

With the local elections coming up which party is going to justify and support these salaries? Let's ask our candidates and our councillors when they are elected. Let's not let this disgraceful waste of money go unchallenged.