Letter: Nothing is new about the problem of Pinstone Street

This letter was written by David Wrottesley from Sheffield 17

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 12:00 am

I note the current debate about Pinstone Street, but there is nothing new about the problem ( Opinion -Lets Talk- 23/09/21 )

In 1971,you will discover from your " Sheffield Telegraph Archives " that I had some 8 letters published, about traffic congestion in Sheffield. This and the plans to pedestrianise "The Moor ".

The "Captions " that were put on my letters included -" Eighty Big Cities can not be wrong / More ways than two to travel / Tube solution to the Moor / Why not Rapid Transit /Sheffield needs Super trams "

Pinstone Street closed to traffic. Picture: Chris Etchells

I fail to see why the Supertram network cannot be extended, along Fargate, Pinstone Street and the Moor

In Central Birmingham where there are similar problems to Pinstone Street, the existing tram network is being extended in both city centre and suburbs. The only difference is, that like the system at Nice in France there is "Battery operation" not unsightly overhead wires; in certain sensitive areas of the city centre. Similar developments have occurred in Manchester and Nottingham and all over the world.