Letter: Sheffield does not need an underground tram system - it needs a local plan NOW

This letter was written by Joy Atkinson.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 1:32 pm

I had a faint hope that your article last week (‘Vision of how city could be developed’) was an early April Fool but now I’m worried that it’s meant to be taken seriously.

No, we don’t need a ‘mega stand out high rise building’ nor do we need an underground tram system and if this is the best that Councillor Rosling-Josephs can come up with we ought to wonder why he is given air time, or indeed, a job.

What we do need is sensitive development of the city with due regard to its heritage and future... something perhaps like a local plan. No, not in 2024, Sheffield Council, but NOW – before any other bizarre ideas come out of the council chamber.

Fargate in Sheffield city centre. Picture: Chris Etchells.