Letter: This does not happen by accident but by mismanagement, pure and simple!

This letter was written by Bill Bevan from Derbyshire

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 1:13 pm
University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology is facing an indefinite closure following an institutional review.

It is with dismay that I read today's news of the decision to close the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield by the University's Executive Board.

As an alumnus of the University and the Department, this decision is clearly a failure of University and Faculty management over the last 10 years.

How could Sheffield go from having a thriving, world-leading, multidisciplinary archaeology department with 29 members of staff to just 11 in under 10 years?

This does not happen by accident but by mismanagement, pure and simple. Yes, I am aware that there are external factors beyond the University's control that puts pressure on a range of disciplines, Archaeology included.

It is how an institution responds to those pressures that is a mark of the standing of the institution. Here the University management has failed.

Principles of academia, learning, knowledge, research and contributions to civic society and contemporary culture seem to have been thrown out of the car-crash window in the narrow focus on finances.

The Executive Board seems hell bent on converting a Russell Group University into a technical college.

Bill Bevan