NHS petition handed over to candidate in Aston

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A ‘Save Our NHS’ petition signed by 1,129 people was handed over to an election candidate in Anston.

The petition calls on those standing in the general election on May 7 to help protect the NHS from funding squeezes, privatisation and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership trade deal.

It is part of a campaign from 38 Degrees that is travelling the country in a campaign ambulance in the days leading up to polling day to raise awareness.

Judith Reynolds, a 38 Degrees member from the Rother Valley area, said: “It worries me that the NHS may be sold off to large private insurance companies.

“I want it to remain as the service that is there for everyone, irrespective of ability to pay.”

The petition was handed over to Kevin Barron, Labour defending candidate for Rother Valley, in Anston earlier this week.