Sheffield couple dash 10K dressed as a chicken and egg to celebrate their cancelled wedding day

Easter 2021 question: what came first, the chicken, the egg or the postponed wedding ceremony?

Monday, 29th March 2021, 2:22 pm
Emily Bocking (egg) and Peter Malcolm (chicken) set off on their run around Longshaw

“Today would have been our wedding day,” said Peter Malcolm from under the beak of his muddy-legged chicken suit last Saturday.

“So instead of letting the day go by without any kind of celebration, we decided to run a 10K round Longshaw dressed as a chicken and egg, and raise some money for a really important cause at the same time.”

Peter’s wife-to-be Emily Bocking had chosen a lighter fried egg costume, but (chicken-related puns start here) fell fowl of the brisk westerlies whisking into her meringue-like profile as she beat her path over the moorland route.

Emily Bocking (egg) and Peter Malcolm (chicken) heading to their 10K finish line at Longshaw.

Emily and Peter set off in a hail shower on Saturday morning after hatching a plan to run a double lap of the Longshaw estate to help raise money for the Trussell Trust’s national Race Against Hunger events last weekend, which by Sunday had raised over £96,000 to help the UK’s food banks.

The Trust says last spring on average 2,600 food parcels were given to UK children every day, with food banks from the Trussell Trust’s network handing out 1.2 million food parcels during the first 6 months of the pandemic.

“I think it’s a scandal that food banks are needed in this country in this day and age,” said Emily, a Sheffield secondary school teacher. “I have seen how not having enough food to eat can harm children’s concentration and learning, and wish charities like the Trussell Trust weren’t needed. The government should be doing a lot more, and it’s a terrible reflection on them that celebrities like Marcus Rashford seem to be leading the way.”

Food poverty has worsened during the Covid pandemic, and Peter and Emily decided in their revised wedding year to use their Easter run and associated poultry puns to help draw attention to the problem.

Emily Bocking (egg) and Peter Malcolm (chicken) set off on their run around Longshaw

Like many couples, Emily and Peter’s nuptials have been turned over by the Covid virus, with the couple shell shocked after two wedding dates and five venues flew the coop.

But they’re now hopeful their chicken run photos will fold carefully into their wedding album, ending at their new wedding day this August.

Observers on Saturday watched the pair fly round the woods and scramble up the hills, with many pecking away at puns related to the key question: ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’

“I was backing the chicken, but I’ve flipped.”

“Look at that runny egg!”

“Is one of you going to cross the road?” were among comments from flocks of spectators.

As the race came to the boil, the egg edged away and steamed ahead to the finish line.

“I poached victory right at the end,” said Emily, rising to the occasion.

“I beaked too soon,” clucked Peter.

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