Sheffield food

He has prepared food for elite athletes and powered Dan Walker through his Strictly training regime.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 6:00 am
Daniel Stevens owner of Food Fusion. Picture Scott Merrylees

Fans of his business’ macro and calorie controlled meals, which combine healthy eating with tasty food, include Sheffield Wednesday’s Josh Windass and boxer Dalton Smith.

Now Daniel Stevens, of Food Fusion in Sheffield city centre, wants to help Sheffield fight obesity in children.

The former kitchen manager in schools spoke as new specialist clinics for children living with severe obesity were launched, including one at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Elite athletes are fans of Food Fusion's calorie controlled meals

He is keen to team up with city organisations to work together on educating young people about healthy eating – and says finding an ambassador like footballer Marcus Rashford would help spread the message.

Daniel said: “It’s all about the kids of the future. Nothing is more heart-breaking than the Government thinking they have to look after Sheffield because it has such an obesity problem.

"I think Sheffield Council could just do a bit more to promote healthy eating, its not just down to the individuals.”

Daniel suggested cooking classes or challenges in schools would be one way to reach young people to show them an alternative to high calorie convenience food. Portion control, how to cook and the benefits of eating well are key.

He tried to encourage healthy and varied eating when he worked in schools but found it was difficult to do what he wanted within set budgets.

"I was buying ingredients myself – lemons and parsley and coriander – just to give the food a bit more flavour”, he said.

Food Fusion launched in 2015 and meeting Professor Graeme Close, a sports nutrition consultant, gave Daniel the chance to cater for golfer Matt Fitzpatrick’s needs. Since then the meal prep side of the business has taken off and they have featured on TV.

Dad Daniel now works with nutritionists for England teams and top football teams, as well as Paralympic athletes.

Some collect their meals – perhaps with a longing look at the takeway’s flapjacks on the counter –and others have become friends.

Daniel added: “I want to teach it to the kids, about portion control, what can they make for £3 – that they can still eat everything but in moderation.”

Anyone interested in working with Daniel can call Food Fusion on 0114 275 3420.