Sheffield has much to be proud of - whatever the result of England vs Denmark

By the time you read this, it could all be over, or just about to really kick off.Whoever decides the timing of Euro 2020 matches quite unforgivably did not take the Sheffield Telegraph’s Wednesday afternoon deadline into account – and so as I write, the England squad’s fate is unknown.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 5:00 am
Pupils from Malin bridge Primary School show their support for England in Euro 2020. Connor Hanson, Maggie Pulleng, Sasha Lewin,Robyn Lewin, Gracie Walsh and Anisah Khan. Picture Scott Merrylees

Whatever happened against Denmark last night – and here’s praying for a historic win that will take us to the final on Sunday – Sheffield has much to be proud of, with much of the squad hailing from the home of football right here.

What an inspiration to the younger generation, many of who will have stayed up late to cheer on their heroes, and have been celebrating them in their schools too.

You can rejoice in the city getting behind our stars (or weep over a missed opportunity) on page 12.

To secure a place in the final would add a cherry on the cake to what has been quite a week already.

On Monday, it was announced that the final lockdown restrictions would come to an end on July 19 (see page 4)

That is an incredible 16 months after they were first brought in, for what was meant to be a three week lockdown – and you know what happened then.

The long-suffering hospitality industry is rejoicing, and we must continue to support these local businesses.

Interestingly, after months of everyone calling for a return to something approaching normality , the general mood now seems to be one of caution. Fear of another lockdown may be to blame.

Face masks may not be mandatory after July 19, but plenty of people will still be wearing them, and Sheffield’s public transport services have not ruled out asking passengers to keep using a covering.

Whatever your view, freedom, or Freedom Day is now in sight. We made it. Here’s a message from the past hoping that we get some national footballing glory too.