Sheffield man pledges to travel 300 miles in September on a kick scooter to raise money for cancer charity

A Sheffield man is aiming to travel 300 miles around Sheffield in September on a kick scooter to raise money for cancer charity.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 6:00 am
Adam is raising money for Cancer Research in honour of his aunty who died of cancer.

Adam Moore, aged 41, decided to pay it forward when he ordered an adult-sized kick scooter online and a woman drove from Norfolk to Sheffield just to hand deliver it to him.

The woman’s act of kindness inspired Adam to do something positive, and he set himself the challenge travelling 300 miles over September on the scooter to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Adam, who is from Ecclesfield, said: “I’ve had a lot of public support. It’s a nice way to reconnect with people after lockdown. I’m trying to get around everywhere I can. It’s been a nice way of rediscovering the city because you are going slow.

Adam has so far raised over £1200 for Cancer Research UK.

"It’s been hard going up hills. It’s getting easier, I’m glad I did a month’s training.

Adam bought his daughter, aged 8, a scooter during lockdown and had been taking her out on it when he decided to buy an adult one for himself.

He added: “I was doing weight lifting and tore my arm. I was looking for something else to do. Using a scooter surprisingly good for you. It’s daft, it’s a stupid thing but I really enjoy it. You feel like a kid when you’re on it. I will keep using it after the challenge - I’m going to make them cool.

Adam is aiming to travel 15 miles a day and take ten days as rest days. He has had one crash so far when a branch wrapped around his wheel, and was out of action for two days after being bitten by a spider.

Adam has taken his scooter all over the city.

He is raising money for Cancer Research UK because his aunty died from cancer when she was just 41. He has received a lot of support from the public.

Adam said: “I have had QR codes printed so that people can scan it and contribute. The man who made them for me didn’t charge, he had lost his brother to cancer. A guy I barely know on Facebook put £100 in. I was quite a negative person but it’s been really positive.”

So far, Adam has raised over £1200. To donate to Adam’s fundraiser, click here:

Adam found he was able to reconnect with people and the city on his travels.