Tag rugby takes Sheffield by storm

A Tag Rugby league which was launched in Sheffield this summer has taken the area by storm.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 9:51 am
Tag Rugby in Sheffield
Tag Rugby in Sheffield

There are already nine teams competing in the first-ever Try Tag Rugby league meaning over 100 people take to the pitch every Thursday night at Bolehill Recreation Ground in Crookes, Sheffield

Area Development Manager Polly Roberts said the initial reaction to the sport’s launch had surpassed expectations.

Roberts said: “We only started four weeks ago but people that have come along and played are already encouraging their friends to come along and try it out.

Tag Rugby in Sheffield.

“Each week we’re gaining a few extra people which is amazing and it’s so nice to see.”

Roberts, 29, was introduced to the sport whilst playing with Try Tag Rugby in London, where the organisation was launched in 2009.

After moving to the city to study at university, Roberts decided she wanted to bring the sport to her new surroundings by setting up a league.

Roberts said: “What’s great about it is that anyone can play - even if you’re a new player who has no rugby experience like me when I started.

“It’s super fun and tag rugby takes the contact out to make it a really fun and social sport. We have a huge range of ages that play it from students all the way through to 40 and 50-year-olds.”

The game is similar to rugby league with six ‘tags’ allowed before the ball turns over and matches are played in a league format across eight weeks.

Each seven-a-side team must have at least three female players on the pitch at all times who, to encourage inclusion, receive two points, rather than one, for scoring a try.

Dominic Mills is one of those who now participates and he said players are loving the fact they can play group sport with their friends again.

Mills said: “It’s been phenomenal after the year that everyone’s had. I’ve never played rugby before so it was a very big learning experience but people are very understanding.

“The camaraderie you get from it is what we’ve all missed. To be able to go out and socialise with everyone without masks on in a covid-safe environment is great.”

Details of Try Tag Rugby Sheffield’s free taster sessions, including female-only sessions, to familiarise people with the rules can be found on their website.