These are the favourite places of Facebook famous dog Teddy - including green spaces he can run in and his bed

Teddy Burgess is a four-year-old springer spaniel. His Facebook page has raised hundreds of pounds for charity, there is lots of merchandise bearing his furry face – from oven gloves and magnets, to aprons and notebooks – and he has just released his first book. His owner Tracy Burgess has written this in his behalf.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 7:00 am
Teddy Burgess with his 'baby'

Mather Road Fields

I go for my daily walks on Mather road fields and it’s probably my favourite place. There’s loads of grass to run in, and I won’t lie, I do love to have a roll in the long grass. I sometimes come out smelling, much to mummy’s dismay – and my own dismay too once I get home and need the dreaded “B” word, bath.

I always take my ‘baby’ with me, a teddy bear I have .I have to call it a baby because it’s gets confusing calling it a teddy with that being my name. I take my baby with me and carry it all the way round the field in my mouth. I see a lot of my friends and we play, chase each other and run around. I love this place and love stretching my paws and sometimes being a bit mischievous too.

Rother Valley

We go to Rother Valley a lot and it’s another place where I go wild for all the different smells. Being a Springer spaniel, my nose goes in to overdrive and I get all excited.

There’s lots of ducks, swans and birds in the river which my human brother and sister buy food for and feed. I just want to chase them - the birds, not my humans. They make noises that attract me and they flap their wings. I’m never allowed to get near them but it’s fun trying.

I also sometimes get my paws wet in the river, but I do like having a splash especially on a warm day to cool down. Once I’ve had a run we will have an ice cream and a rest and that will recharge my energy up to do it all again on the way back down the river.

Graves Park

I’m not allowed to go in or near the animal section at Graves Park, but I can smell them and always feel the need to pull to try to get to them; my nose twitches a lot when I’m close by.

It’s a place I love as there’s lots of grass and there’s like a woodland area we walk through a lot and I can see birds in trees that I want to chase.

There’s also have a dog friendly cafe there where my family go for food and drink and I’m allowed to go in with them and if I’m good they order me some sausages as a treat. I have a good rest in the cafe so I’m recharged ready for another walk.

I play chase , the frisbee or catch the ball sometimes too and if there’s other friendly dogs there I’m allowed to play with them if their owners say it’s okay.

It’s a massive park so there’s lots for me to do and as soon as we pull up in the car park I know where I am and my tail wags. I can’t get out of the car fast enough to go for a run and play.


I love Bakewell, it’s so dog friendly and the people all say hello to each other. It’s another lovely place to be and we do go a lot. Twice a year we stay overnight in the Manners Pub too so I get to sleep on the big bed.

The best bit for me is when we go for a run around the park - well I run, the humans walk and try to keep up with me as I’m really fast. I’m on my long lead but it’s very stretchy so I get to have a run.

There’s a duck pond at the top of the park and a little stream that sometimes I do dip my paws in. I also have to be careful that I don’t pull whoever is holding the lead in o the water.

After a good run around the park I’m allowed to go to the pet shop and pick myself a treat, I usually end up with a really smelly one, like a tripe stick. We will then go to the pub for a drink and I eat my treat and then have a sleep.


I love my bed. When I say my bed, it’s actually mummy and daddy’s bed but I get on it first so I can bag the best spot and get comfy then they fit in around me. This means they have various body parts hanging out of bed but I’m alright as I’m all comfy and tucked up.

Sometimes if mummy tells me what a handsome lad I am while stroking my belly. I get lots of kisses too.