This is how many South Yorkshire Police officers passed and failed their fitness tests 

Nearly all serving South Yorkshire police officers have passed annual fitness tests over the last five years, figures reveal.

The compulsory bleep test – which involves completing shuttle runs – was passed a total of 5581 times by male and female officers between 2014 and 2018.

South Yorkshire Police Training Centre, Robert Dyson House.

South Yorkshire Police Training Centre, Robert Dyson House.

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There was just 102 failed tests in that time period – 79 by female officers and 23 by male officers.

The total pass rate was about 98 per cent.

In a statement, South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers complete their Job Related Fitness Test (JRFT) annually at the Force Training Centre, Robert Dyson House, (in Rotherham). 

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“The bleep fitness test consists of officers having to complete shuttle runs over a 15 meter track, which begins at a slow pace and increases at each level.

“The test is required as officers need to maintain a level of health and fitness to meet the demands of their role and when required, manage conflict.”

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The force added: “Prior to the introduction of the fitness test, officers were not required to do any kind of annual fitness assessment unless they were in a specialist role.

“The introduction of the JRFT encourages officers to maintain a recognised level of fitness.”