Unused Sheffield fountains are an eyesore and should restored or knocked down according to one resident

One Sheffield resident noticed that some of Sheffield’s iconic water features have run dry in recent months and questioned their continued use.

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 11:38 am
When switched on, the fountains provide an important part of Sheffield's urban beauty.

The fountain on the steps outside Sheffield station and the Howard Street Rill water feature are currently out of use, joining a list of dry fountains in the city.

One Sheffield resident believes that if the fountains are not going to be used or are turned on only infrequently, they may as well be demolished.

James Delaney said: “The fountains are supposed to enhance the visitor experience - In London there are adverts saying ‘visit Sheffield, it has these stunning water features’, but they’re never working.

The Howard Street Rill water feature has become a 'giant ashtray' according to one resident.

“There has been continuing comment on how the city centre is improving and it is pleasing to see. However, we seem incapable of doing simple things that are already there. The water feature by the side of Hallam University is now dried up and used as a giant ashtray.

"Hallam has oodles of money, Why they can’t spend a few quid on making it attractive to visitors I don’t know.

“The fountain outside Sheffield Station has become an eyesore. You might as well get rid of it, demolish it and give more space for taxis. Sheffield seems to have a problem with water features.”

The Goodwin fountain stood on Fargate from 1961-1998 before being removed, while the Crucible Fountain still stands on The Moor but the water has been swtiched off for years.

Despite one of the fountains on Sheaf Street being dry, visitors seemed to appreciate the view of Sheffield from the station.

However, visitors coming from the station were generally impressed with the view that greets them. Margaret Richards, from South Cave, said: “The silver fountain is fabulous. I really like that they have kept the facade on the station, it looks amazing. The trees around it are magnificent. I think it looks lovely

Hillary Wilson, from Hull, added: “I am sure it would look lovely to have the fountain switched on, I have never seen it.”

A couple who live in Sheffield said: “It’s nice around the station but as you get into town there is nothing to come in for.”

A spokesperson for Sheffield Hallam University said that the council has disconnected the electrical supply to the Rill water feature during the development of the campus, but the university will ensure that it comes back on as part of the works.

The water feature next to the Cutting Edge steel fountain outside Sheffield railway station is currently switched off.

East Midlands Railway confirmed the fountains outside the station were switched off by the council during the lockdowns.

Council Leader Terry Fox said: “In 2019 the fountain developed a significant leak so we turned it off to investigate and repair it. Covid restrictions and lengthy exploratory work on underground pipework to find the leak have made this very slow compounded by some electrical faults to the water feature equipment. The leak is now sorted and spare parts for the main cascades are due with us very soon and we are aiming to switch the feature back on in November.”