‘Well-used’ HSBC bank closure in Sheffield village sparks concerns

HSBC Bank on Causeway Head Road, Dore is closing down. Picture: Andrew Roe
HSBC Bank on Causeway Head Road, Dore is closing down. Picture: Andrew Roe

A bank branch in Dore is to close as its parent company sheds thousands of jobs across the country in a money saving exercise.

The HSBC branch on Causeway Head Road, Dore, will shut its doors from the beginning of August.

The closure decision was made before last week’s major announcement, that HSBC is to cut 8,000 staff in the UK as part of moves to save £5 billion a year, as well as axing 12 per cent of branches.

HSBC is one of the city’s biggest employers, with more than 1,500 staff based in Sheffield.

It says footfall in its branches has reduced by 40 per cent in four years which means some branches need to close and Dore is a ‘case in point.’

But Sheffield Liberal Democrat leader Colin Ross and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg have written to the bank urging it to reconsider the decision.

Coun Ross said: “The branch is well used, especially by elderly people and local business people based in Dore.

“The bank’s closure is of great concern to them, especially when there is not a reliable bus service to get into town and local businesses have made arrangements with that branch.

“Many people have said that they are concerned about this - Dore has an elderly population and it is convenient for them to use a local facility.”

The branch is scheduled to close on August 14.

A HSBC spokesman said customers would be able to use Dore post office to check their account balances, withdraw and pay in cash or cheques.

Staff working at the current branch will be transferred to others in the area in future.

The spokesman added: “In common with other high street banks, footfall in our branches has fallen dramatically, and is accelerating, with almost a 40 per cent reduction in customer footfall over the last four years.

“As our customers’ habits change they are increasingly using the internet, smart phone or telephone banking for their day-to-day needs. “It is never a decision we take lightly, but on occasions this has meant we have needed to close a branch and our Dore branch is a case in point.

“Decisions like this are never easy, but we worked with the small number of customers who use the branch to help them reorganise their finances ahead of the closure.”