Persimmon boss walks out of TV interview after being asked about his £75m bonus at Doncaster factory

The boss of a housing firm was left squirming and walked out of a TV interview at a Doncaster factory '“ after being quizzed about his whopping £75 million pay packet.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 13:53 pm
Persimmon boss Jeff Fairburn was left squirming after being asked about his 75 million bonus. (Photo: BBC)

Persimmon chief executive Jeff Fairburn was being quizzed by BBC Look North reporter Spencer Stokes at the firm's brick making plant in Harworth yesterday '“ but cut the interview short after being asked about the bonus '“ the biggest in the country.

Mr Fairburn's bonus - originally meant to be £100million - caused public outrage and he later cut the payout to £75million and said he would donate a portion to charity.

Sharing a video of the interview on Twitter, the clip show the BBC reporter asking Mr Fairburn about his multi-million pound bonus  which drew heavy criticism last December.

The clip begins with Mr Stokes saying: '[Persimmon] obviously have been doing well, have been doing well last year, that was reflected in your bonus. Do you have any regrets about the furore surrounding that?'

Mr Fairburn begins to respond as someone off-camera says 'can we not?'

The boss agrees with the interjection as the BBC reporter continues: 'Obviously, the construction and the bricks, you know, follows on from how well Persimmon is doing so I just thought it should be tied together really.'

'I'd rather not talk about that, it's been well covered actually, so...' Mr Fairburn said.

'So you don't want to discuss that today?' Mr Stokes asks.

Mr Fairburn does not answer and the reporter continues: 'Are there any lessons to be learned from that? It was the biggest bonus in the country.'

Again Mr Fairburn does not reply. He looks away and walks off as Mr Stokes says: 'No? Okay, right, fine.'

The CEO  can be heard saying: 'I think that's really unfortunate actually that you've done that.'

Mr Stokes' tweet has gained nearly 2,000 retweets, 3,000 likes and nearly 500 replies.