Pet dog killed as fire rips through Sheffield home

The scene of a bungalow fire at Drury Lane,Dore
The scene of a bungalow fire at Drury Lane,Dore

A RETIRED couple have been left devastated after a blaze ripped through their bungalow - killing their pet dog.

David and Elaine Nicholls were out at a local pub quiz when fire broke out at their home on Drury Lane, Dore, Sheffield.

The couple arrived home at around 11.30pm to find fire crews tackling the blaze which started in the kitchen at the back of the house and spread to the dining room, hall and roof.

Speaking as they returned to the scene of devastation for the first time since the fire, Mrs Nicholls said: “The fire brigade were already here when we got back.

“There was lots of thick black smoke and we could see the flames coming out of the back of the house. It was very intense.

“The kitchen is completely destroyed and so is the rest of the back of the house.”

The couple, who are both in their 60s, said they are devastated at the loss of their terrier, Ziggy - named after Ziggy Stardust.

Mr Nicholls said; “He was 10 years old, he was a rescue dog. We are stunned about it all really.”

The couple, who have two grown-up children, have been staying with relatives since the fire on Monday night.

Firefighters said at the height of the blaze three engines were at the scene.

They said thick black smoke was billowing out of the cracked windows and had spread to nearby streets.

Crew manager Lee Jones, of Lowedges fire station, said the fire was ‘raging’ when they arrived.

“When we turned on to Church Street there was lots of smoke so we knew we were dealing with something serious, and as we pulled on to Drury Lane residents were out on the street and flagging us down,” he said.

“They said they thought the occupants were out but, as there was still a car on the driveway, we had to treat it as a search and rescue and had six firefighters inside.

“Fortunately the occupants turned up while we were there.

“They were panicking about their dog and, although we got him out and tried to revive him with CPR, he couldn’t be saved.”

One neighbour said: “We were in bed when we heard a loud bang at about 11pm. Then the fire service arrived.”

Yesterday the back of the house was boarded up and blackened twisted window frames could be seen. Charred furniture and stair bannisters could be seen in the garden.

An investigation into the cause of the blaze has determined it was caused by an electrical fault involving the cooker.