Pipe band to pay tribute to ‘Pals’

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THE ‘Sheffield Pals’, who were decimated in the First World War, will be remembered in a march through the city centre on June 30.

Exactly 95 years to the hour of the last march of the Sheffield City Battalion, as they whistled and sang on their way to the Somme, the City of Sheffield Pipe Band will recall its overwhelming sacrifices.

The pipe band, which has already paid tribute to the battalion by playing When the Boys Come Home at the Sheffield Memorial Park in Serre in France during the band’s centenary in 2008, will take a standard from the town hall to be dedicated at the cathedral.

In common with other industrial towns in the north, Sheffield formed its own battalion in the early weeks of the First World War, recruiting between 900 and 1,000 men from all walks of life in just two days.

A total of 513 officers and men were killed, wounded or were missing when they advanced towards the German lines on July 1, 1916.

The new standard will be used by the band to remember all veterans of conflicts in services of remembrance and “will stand as a symbol of the band’s commitment to the citizens of Sheffield”.

It will recall “the camaraderie of a group of Sheffield people making music as they marched”, added a band spokesperson.

Lord Mayor Coun Sylvia Dunkley will greet the band on the town hall steps at 6.55pm.