“Please find who killed my Dawn”

Dawn Shields
Dawn Shields
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A SHEFFIELD pensioner whose daughter was murdered 18 years ago fears she will go to her grave without the killer being caught.

Margaret Shields is urging police to step up their efforts to solve the murder in the hope she will live to see justice being done.

Her daughter Dawn was 19 and working as a prostitute when she vanished after being picked up from Broomhall, Sheffield.

Her naked body was found a week later in a shallow grave on the slopes of Mam Tor, Castleton. She had head injuries and had been strangled.

Margaret, of Pitsmoor, said: “She went out on Friday, May 13, 1994, and never came back.

“I am 70 now and will be going to my grave not knowing who killed Dawn. She would be 37 this year and I can’t rest without finding out who killed her.

“I feel she has been forgotten about by the police, but I think of her every single day.”

Margaret said her life stopped the day Dawn’s body was found.

She said: “I’ve spent the last 18 years living in the past with my memories. It’s all I’ve left of her.

“All this time I have been hoping something would turn up that would help police find the person who did this, but it never has.

“I feel angry that after all this time there has been no justice.”

Detective Sergeant Ian Harding, of South Yorkshire Police’s cold case review team, said: “I worked on the original inquiry into Dawn’s death and am aware it has been reviewed on numerous occasions since; most recently in 2011.

“We do not always involve the family in every review in cases such as this to avoid causing unnecessary distress, unless we have a specific reason to notify them.

“Unfortunately, the last review did not provide us with any further information relating to Dawn’s death or any further positive lines of inquiry.

“This doesn’t stop us trying and South Yorkshire Police is committed to investigating serious crimes.

“We never close a case without a resolution and this case, with others, are regularly reviewed.”