Police flood Sheffield estate with officers amid concerns over masked gang brandishing gun

Donovan Road, Sheffield.
Donovan Road, Sheffield.

Police have flooded an estate with extra officers amid concerns about a masked gang brandishing a gun.

Fearful residents issued a public plea for more beat bobbies in Parson Cross after four masked men - one of which had a gun - burst into a home in Donovan Road that contained two children and threatened the occupants.

A male resident battled to keep them out of the property and fortunately he and the two children were unhurt in the attack last Tuesday at 10.50pm.

But detectives believe it was a targeted attack and this was the latest in a string of several unrelated firearm incidents on the estate, which prompted residents to call for more action from police.

Stephen Watson, chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, said a team of officers are now patrolling the area in a bid to allay concerns.

He said: "I understand this incident also relates to concerns around gun crime in the area. We have taken, and continue to take, robust action to address, resolve and prevent it.

"Part of this action has included increasing high visibility patrols in the area, as well as gathering intelligence to actively pursue and stop offenders engaging in illegal activity."

He added: "Through this action and intelligence-led work, we have already been able to apprehend and charge a number of offenders found in the possession of a firearm. This is just some of what we have done and continue to do, in order to keep all of our residents safe and out of harm.

“Further to this action we have also been running neighbourhood events to allow local communities to engage directly with us about the service we provide and how we can work to improve this. From these events we have successfully been able to engage with different communities and take their feedback, which is now being used to influence and tailor future plans that will be put in place to reduce crime and increase public confidence."

The latest attack follows several previous unrelated firearms incidents.

Three shootings took place in Barrie Crescent, Southey Green, and Lindsay Avenue and Deerlands Avenue, in Parson Cross, in July 2014. A 13-year-old suffered minor injures in one of the attacks.

And in July last year a 19-year-old man was reportedly shot on Wordsworth Avenue.