Police issue warning after car aquaplanes on motorway near SheffieldÂ

A warning has been issued by South Yorkshire Police after a car aquaplaned and crashed on the M1 near Sheffield.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 08 November, 2018, 06:08

The car was travelling northbound when it lost control on a patch of water during torrential rain yesterday afternoon and collided with the crash barrier near junction 34 for Tinsley and Meadowhall.

A car crashed after aquaplaning on the M1 near Sheffield yesterday

The vehicle lost one of its wheels and ruptured its fuel tank in the smash but the driver escaped unharmed.

South Yorkshire Police said it was one of a number of collisions caused by cars aquaplaning yesterday.

A car lost a wheel and ruptured its fuel tank after aquaplaning on the M1 near Sheffield yesterday

In a Facebook Post, South Yorkshire Police's traffic officers said: 'This is another plea from us asking people to slow down when the weather is wet.

'The conditions have been really bad across the network and all it takes is for your vehicle to hit a patch of standing water and you will end up a passenger in your own vehicle with little or no control over it.'