Police powers to break up anti-social groups who plague South Yorkshire city neighbourhood

Inspector Simon Leake, of South Yorkshire Police
Inspector Simon Leake, of South Yorkshire Police

GROUPS of people found hanging about on the streets of Fir Vale and Page Hall will be split up and moved on by police in a new bid to curb anti-social behaviour in the city suburbs.

The areas have been made the subject of a Dispersal Order after residents complained to police about anti-social behaviour.

Dispersal Orders give police officers and Police Community Support Officers additional powers to deal with two or more people found congregating in public places.

Officers can crack down on groups deemed likely to cause nuisance behaviour or cause members of the public to feel ‘intimidated, harassed, alarmed or distressed’.

The powers allow South Yorkshire Police to order people to leave the areas for 24 hours and those who fail to comply with the request can be arrested and prosecuted.

Anyone under 16 found on the streets and unsupervised by an adult can be taken home.

Insp Simon Leake, from the North East Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Acting on the concerns raised by residents in the Fir Vale and Page Hall communities, about a recent rise in antisocial behaviour and low-level crime, the local police team are working in partnership to provide long-term solutions to the problems highlighted.

“To assist with this objective, we have successfully applied for a Section 30 Dispersal Order.

“This grants us the ability to break up groups of people likely to be causing the residents’ problems and take them home.

“This power will be used firmly but fairly for the good of the majority.

“We want residents to feel safe in their communities and robust action will be taken against anyone who is caught involved in anti-social behaviour.”

The Dispersal order is one of several recent powers used by police to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Another order, set up in Shiregreen and Woodhouse, allows police to move on street drinkers.