Police presence expected at Fir Vale School in Sheffield today following riot

There is to be a police presence at a Sheffield school today after a riot broke out yesterday.

In addition to attending special assemblies to talk about yesterday’s disturbance, there will also be a visible police presence at the start and end of the school day as pupils are making their way to and from lessons.

Police officers dealt with a disturbance outside Fir Vale School yesterday

Police officers dealt with a disturbance outside Fir Vale School yesterday

VIDEO: Fir Vale School closed after student fight escalates into riot

Emergency services were alerted to a disturbance outside the school on Owler Lane, Fir Vale, just before 1pm yesterday after large crowds of parents and residents gathered outside and were trying to scale the fence to get inside.

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The crowds started to build after news of a fight involving pupils at the school started to spread in the local community.

RIOT: Headteacher of Fir Vale School says ‘all pupils are safe’ after police deployed

There were initial unconfirmed reports of weapons having been seen.

Police officers were deployed to the scene with dogs in a bid to restore calm.

Superintendent Shelley Hemsley, said: “We are now working with the school and the local community to provide reassurance and will be in the area this evening (Tuesday), tomorrow morning and over the coming days as students head to and leave school.

Head teacher Simon Hawkins said: “We are continuing to work with the police in relation to this incident, which was resolved quickly and efficiently and I’d like to reassure parents and students that school will return as normal tomorrow (Wednesday) and that Fir Vale School is a happy, calm and safe environment.”