Police teams worked together to save man stricken on Woodhead Moors

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Officers from a range of departments across South Yorkshire Police, including a special constable and police dog Digby, worked together last weekend to locate and assist an injured man who had gone missing on the Woodhead Moors.

Police received a call from a woman concerned for her husband at 8.15pm on Saturday, June 13, who had gone out walking in the moors and fallen down a ravine.

Special Constable Carina Glover, PC Brian Grange and police dog Digby were dispatched to try and find the man.

Upon arrival, Digby immediately picked up a scent and led officers to the man who, unable to walk after falling down the ravine, had dragged himself to higher ground.

The National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was also sent to assist in the operation, with SC Glover and other officers on the ground directing the helicopter to a safe landing nearby.

With the visibility decreasing and the evening growing cold, officers knew they had to act quickly to get the man, who they believed might have broken his leg or ankle, the urgent medical attention he needed.

Working together, SC Glover and the pilots were able to get the injured man onto the helicopter, to airlift him to a nearby location for medical treatment.

The weather grew worse and the flight was diverted to the South Yorkshire Police Operations Complex, where an ambulance was waiting to take the man to hospital.

Superintendent Caroline Rollitt, from the force’s operational support sServices, said: “This operation demonstrates the excellent team working from officers across the force.

“Their swift action and commitment to ensuring the safety of a member of the public is truly commendable and I am grateful for everyone’s efforts.”

Stephen Merrett, chief officer of the Special Constabulary at South Yorkshire Police, said: “The incident this weekend highlights how invaluable our Special Constables are to our force.

“Without this team’s quick thinking, there may have been a very different outcome for the man.

“Carina worked alongside our dog team, Local Policing Team resources and the NPAS helicopter in a successful rescue operation and I want to congratulate everyone involved for a job well done.”

If you’re interested in joining the Specials in South Yorkshire, officers will be at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre tomorrow between 10am and 4pm, on the Atrium just outside Marks and Spencers.

Further information about becoming a Special is available at: http://www.southyorks.police.uk/specials

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