Political row over shelving of 20 mph zone for city suburb

A political row has broken out over the shelving of a proposed 20 mph zone for the Greystones area.

Opposition Liberal Democrats accused ruling Labour councillors of rescinding on a promise, and claimed it was another example of them favouring their traditional areas at the expense of the south west of the city.

Local Lib Dem Coun Roger Davison said: “With road resurfacing works underway in Greystones it made sense to install these safety measures at the same time. This was agreed by the council and therefore local residents are naturally outraged that the plans have now been shelved.

“We know the council have the funding available for this project but instead Labour politicians have taken investment out of areas like Dore and Greystones and poured it into their favoured areas instead.”

But Labour cabinet member Coun Leigh Bramall said: “The areas that are given 20mph zones first are the areas with the highest accident records wherever they are in the city. It’s regrettable that the Liberal Democrats are playing politics with such an important issue. Greystones will still be completed, but when the council has been cut so heavily we cannot roll out the zones as quickly as we would like to.”

Coun Bramall said it was “unbelievable” the Lib Dems were complaining after their councillors in the south west initially decided against rolling out a 20mph zone in Greystones, and they had opposed 20mph zones in the first place.