BREAKING: Committee system wins in Sheffield council referendum

Sheffield votes for committee system to be implemented in the city.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 12:59 pm
Updated Monday, 10th May 2021, 1:34 pm
Referendum win means committee system will be implemented in Sheffield.

Voters in Sheffield were given a choice between the existing cabinet model or a committee system on Thursday, May 6.

The referendum was triggered by the campaign group, It’s Our City, which favours the committee system, after it gathered a petition signed by more than five per cent of city voters.

Following a morning of counting at the EISS today, May 10, Kate Josephs, chief executive of Sheffield City Council and returning officer, it was announced that the committee system would be implemented in Sheffield after receiving over 89,000 votes, almost double the 48,000 votes for the current system.

This means the council will be run by one or more committees made up of elected councillors, a change from how the council is run now.

A statement from It’s Our City said: “This is a great day for Sheffield, for citizens and communities across our city, and for our shared future. Sheffield citizens have used their community rights to vote resoundingly for change to the way our council works and the introduction of a Modern Committee system.

"We are not surprised, but we are so very pleased, and Sheffielders can all be proud.”

They added: “Winning the referendum belongs to all of us in Sheffield.”

This comes after Labour lost majority control of the city council for the first time in a decade on Thursday, and council leader Bob Johnson lost his seat before being replaced by Terry Fox.