Council pledges to collect used drug needles within two hours

Used drug needles thrown on the ground in a Sheffield neighbourhood will be collected within a couple of hours, a councillor has pledged.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 13:53 pm

Residents on the Lansdowne estate at Sharrow have repeatedly complained about discarded needles near children’s playgrounds and a football court.

Sharrow councillor Jim Steinke says people must continue to report the needles and council officers will be sent straight away to dispose of them.

“There are regular needle trawls but I have asked for three full estate trawls. If they are reported they will be picked up within a one and a half hour turnaround,” he said.

Coun Jim Steinke with neighbourhood officer Gary Bower and council community support officers Alan Watt and Andrew Wain

“There is an issue about us getting people to report them properly. If you see a needle, you must report it to the council.”

Coun Steinke said the estate was no worse than other areas for drugs.

“This is an issue across the city, it’s not particularly worse here in Sharrow, but it’s clearly unacceptable full stop.

“We need to address this and ensure it isn’t a displacement from elsewhere. One of the problems has been with people from the city centre coming here. There is no evidence that people living on the estate are doing this and it’s not a reflection on people here.”

South Yorkshire Police and council officers were at a pop-up surgery on the estate where residents could call by to discuss any problems.

Needles can be reported by calling the council’s call centre on 0114 293 0000 or the council’s Environmental Services Team on 0114 273 4567.

Police say they recently secured a closure order at premises near to the estate, which they hope will help to disrupt drug related activity. Residents can see police activity by searching ‘Sheffield South West NHP’ on Facebook.