It’s 100 days since Sheffield Council’s new coalition took over – here’s what has been achieved

100 days in power Terry Fox v.1

Monday, 16th August 2021, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 10:50 am

The Leader of Sheffield Council has given a run down of his first 100 days in power – and has encouraged people to stop him in the street for a chat.

Coun Terry Fox became both Labour Leader and Council Leader following the local elections in May and it’s been a busy few months.

Labour ruled the council for years but now has a coalition with the Green Party plus a new Executive with a mix of councillors from both parties.

Sheffield City Council's new leader Coun Terry Fox.

Following a referendum, the old Cabinet system is being gradually scrapped and replaced with committees.

And new Local Area Committees – not to be confused with the Town Hall committees – have been introduced.

In a video, Coun Fox said Labour and the Greens have made a great start and are working together to put Sheffield first.

He said: “We’ve implemented the One Year Plan as we’re a council that leads boldly with purpose, being decisive, putting communities and people of Sheffield at the heart of everything we do, delivering excellence first time, every time.

“The new Local Area Committees will make sure citizens can influence decisions that matter to them and their communities.”

Coun Fox said the council had employed 28 community wardens to keep streets safe and clean and had invested £2million into youth workers.

A new green homes grant to make properties more environmentally friendly has also been rolled out.

He added: “Me and the Executive have been taking part in community walkabouts, starting in Page Hall.

“We’ve been recovering from Covid, the community Covid vaccination bus has been keeping us all vaccinated and we are looking ahead to how we bring our city out of the pandemic.

“We have the city centre regeneration – there is loads going on there – and we’ve been shortlisted for City of the Year.

“Summer in the Outdoor City and Sheffield by the Seaside has seen events happening left, right and centre.

“If you see me around, come and chat to me, I love to hear from you, after all, this is your city and I want to make sure it’s fit for everyone.”