Petition calls for cheaper garden waste service in Sheffield

Sheffield Council was urged to make its garden waste service cheaper as residents were “missing out”.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 12:35 pm

Green bins are used for things including grass mowings, hedge and plant clippings, leaves, prunings, small branches, twigs, weeds and cut flowers and chipped bark.

But Mohammed Faysal Ansar said the cost of them was too high and started an e-petition asking the council to lower it.

In his petition statement he said: “The garden waste service in Sheffield is one of the highest in the UK and for some Sheffield households, that is not fair because some people cannot afford it and they are missing out on having the choice of signing up for the service because they know it is too much to pay for and they can’t afford it.

city centre.

“If the council thinks about it, making the service cheaper will allow more households to join the service and make Sheffield greener.

“It could recycle more garden waste and allow to make more soil to help plants to grow, and this could also help Sheffield have more clean air to breathe in.

“I think £26 for a green bin is far too much. And if you are talking about making Sheffield more greener then households need to be able to afford the price of the garden waste bin to put their garden waste in.”

Residents can dispose of garden waste for free if they take it to one of the five household waste recycling centres or pay for the council to pick it up from their home.

The cost of collection is £52.10 a year which pays for the waste to be picked up every two weeks and recycled. This is on top of the cost of a green bin which is £26.

A study in 2019 showed the national average of green bin collection service was £31 and the Yorkshire and Humber average was just £23.

After the council has collected the waste, it takes it to a site where it goes through a process before being used as compost by commercial landscapes and local authorities.