Positive messages left in Sheffield to spread kindness in the city 

Each postcard had a handwritten message to spread kindness
Each postcard had a handwritten message to spread kindness

Dozens of handwritten postcards were placed across Sheffield yesterday, distributing kind messages to those living in the city on World Kindness Day.

The team at AgeBetter visited various locations across the city centre, leaving the postcards on things like benches, pillars and even the train station piano, in a bid to spread a positive message to those living in Sheffield.

The messages were spread across the city

The messages were spread across the city

Each postcard - which featured a message of kindness handwritten by people from across the city – was either left for someone to find, or given to members of the public, with hopes of putting a smile on the faces of those who would happen to receive them.

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The team decided on the project a month ago, after hearing about World Kindness Day, a nationally recognised day which celebrates acts of kindness in society and day to day life.

They then designed the postcards, and reached out to people in the city to send their kind messages, ready for distribution.

The messages were left in various locations

The messages were left in various locations

Hannah Thornton, Communications and Toolkit Officer for Age Better in Sheffield said: “We thought it was important to take part in some way, its about building connections with people.”

Age Better in Sheffield work to combat loneliness among older people in the city, but widened the kindness project to include others, to keep the movement in motion and have a positive effect on the wider community.

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Hannah added: “Loneliness doesn’t give an age, it doesn’t discriminate. However, the acts of kindness can ripple on from person to person and can include everyone. 

“Whilst I was out I had a chat with a man who was sat in a cafe, he said it was great what we were doing and asked what he could do to help.”

As well as visiting the streets of Sheffield, the team also distributed the postcards further afield, and shared them on social media to spread the love even further.

“People also asked us to go to food banks so we could leave some messages to go in with the food parcels,” Hannah said.

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“And, I had a meeting in Crew, I gave them out to people on the train and even the train conductor. Not a single person has had a negative reaction, they’ve all be so surprised and overwhelmed. It’s had a really positive reaction.”

Hannah says she got ‘such a buzz’ from taking part in the project, and is now looking to create a group, who can take part in something similar all year round to reduce loneliness and isolation. 

“It’s a simple way of giving people hope, its a nice thing to do.”