Praise for police dog which saved life of suicidal missing person in Barnsley

A police dog has been praised for saved the life of suicidal missing person in Barnsley.

Police dog ‘Flick’ was deployed in the search for a missing person in Barnsley in the early hours of Friday.

Police dog Flick

Police dog Flick

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The missing person had last been seen an hour before Flick was deployed and there were said to have been ‘some very serious concerns’ for  their welfare.

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But Flick quickly picked up a scent and tracked it into some woodland, where the missing person was found ‘unconscious and unresponsive’.

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South Yorkshire Police said Flick's handler called for paramedics and firefighters were asked to help transfer the casualty from the woods to a nearby ambulance.
In a Facebook post, the force’s ‘operational support’ unit, said: “The woods would have been very difficult to have searched without Police Dog Flick and who knows how this would have ended without her tracking skills and acute sense of smell."