Pressure to halt old hotel’s decline

The Hallam Tower Hotel today in its run down state.
The Hallam Tower Hotel today in its run down state.

PRESSURE is being put on the owners of the former Hallam Tower Hotel in Broomhill to improve its appearance amid concerns about it blighting the neighbourhood.

The council has written to Hallam Grange Ltd to give them 14 days to provide a list of measures in the light of its deteriorating condition.

The 136-bedroom hotel, built for the 1966 World Cup, became a Forte Crest and then a Posthouse. It closed eight years ago, and planning permission for the main tower block to be refurbished as apartments, with townhouses in the grounds, expires in December.

Peter Horton, a Sheffield University academic, said: “What was once an iconic Sheffield landmark is now, after almost 10 years of neglect, a horrible blight on the Sheffield landscape. Whilst principally most affecting the immediate neighbourhood, it should be of interest to anyone who cares about Sheffield.

“Whilst I can see that in the current financial climate a development of this kind could be delayed or even cancelled, the current situation is a matter of great concern to the Broomhill community.”

A council spokesman said: “We’ve been contacted by other developers interested in the site, but not for a while, and it is our understanding that the current owner’s valuation of the site does not accord with that of potential purchasers. We are aware of the building’s condition, and have been in contact with the owners to secure improvements to the appearance of the building.”